For me, being a creative (intuitive) person has so much to do with being a spiritual person. One way for me to connect to Spirit is through skywatching. I could watch the sky for hours, but I especially like watching the sky in the early morning or evening hours and then of course, late at night when the stars and comets are visible to us.

It is a rejuvenating and meditating experience for me to watch the sky change. And I care to photograph what I find so that I may share with others the sacred beauty, inspiration and love that is really all around us when we so choose to take a moment to look for it. I only hope that by sharing these images I can inspire others in some way.. whether it's in regards to appreciating nature or art more, or by feeling more connected to our Source, which then connects us more to our higher Self-- something crucial for our healing. And I'm all about healing.

Interested in a fine art print of one of the below images?

Please write me at for more info and let me know what you are thinking.. thank you!

A Shy Beauty


How Loving Can Awaken Us

Sharing Love

The Feeling of Knowing You

A Sweet Love 

June Evening With You

Better Than Ever

In Love and Light

 Christina Arthur | Astoria + Portland, Oregon | 2020 | 503.473.7974

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