As a young child I was always a vivid dreamer, and as an older child I was interested in the metaphysical too. I loved reading about ancient cultures and imagining how different people lived at different points in time. But I was also a nature child -- exploring, daydreaming, and playing on my own outdoors, sometimes for hours.. and I always felt connected to the stars. I had a strong desire to watch them endlessly. And at times, I would do just that.. only to awaken under the blazing sun of a hot Montana summer morning.

Though I was connected to the natural world (with a strong connection to animals as well).. I did not spiritually awaken until the age of 18, when I endured a rather traumatic experience (traumatic because I was entirely unprepared for the knowledge I had just received). But it needed to happen -- I'm beyond thankful that it did. It was only then when my vivid dreaming abilities started to make more sense. Not only was I more able to remember my dreams (or maybe they had just become so much more vivid), but I could more easily interpret them.. waking with a knowing that my dream world was full of messages, and even some valid (other worldly) life experiences. And I was thrown full force into the true blossoming of my being, allowing me to grow in ways I had not yet imagined. I could share more, but for now I'll fast forward to the present where I find myself in the midst of another great spiritual shift -- not  greater than, but quite different. And here I am.. and here you are.

I believe we are all psychic beings, and that we all come from light and love.. but we aren't all aware of this, nor do we all have the current ability to connect with Spirit in such a way as to be able to receive helpful guidance. I am able to connect with Spirit -- like other seers, oracles, intuitive guides, or healers -- in such a way as to be able to receive and interpret certain messages, and I would like to share those messages with you, if you so desire.

I do receive communications from Spirit (and spirit guides and other beings) in my dreams and in waking life by way of my clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, as well as communications from the deceased.. and  I am currently offering intuitive readings and guidance through the use of my clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance as well as through the use of my beloved oracle cards. If you are interested in what a reading with me may be like or what I request for a fee.. please email me. I would be happy to share more about how I do things and how experiencing this type of guidance might be very helpful to you.

In truth, beauty, light and love,

Christina Arthur

LGBTQIA friendly and happy to work with people and families of all types and all backgrounds.

 Christina Arthur | Portland, Oregon | 2020 |

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