I enjoy seeing the softness of different colors and textures in certain light, and I love noticing the emotional moments we may have with others or even just with ourselves, as we let ourselves be free to feel, to love (who and where we are), or to just be.

Some things about me:

+ I am a fiercely loving mother, raising two wild ones alone.

+ I drowned when I was 3.. I always loved the water.

+ I am a vivid dreamer.. and very much in touch with my psychic  and mediumship abilities (which we are all capable of).

+ I enjoy photographing, including taking portraits (why you might be here).

+ I have an incredible imagination, which means I may see beauty and possibility.. where others may not.

+ I love raspberries, dark chocolate, baklava.. other things I love include: time with my kids, caring for my plants, taking walks in nature, watching the sky change, and noticing  the details (or beauty and magick) of certain moments.

+ I'm as honest as I am imaginative.

+ I'm a Portland native, but I spent much of my youth in western Montana. And I spent my days exploring the outdoors with our black lab by my side.

+ I used to LOVELOVELOVE spaghetti as a child.. now, I enjoy watching my 7 year old LOVELOVELOVE spaghetti.

+ Watching the night sky (and the sky in general) is one of my favorite things and is probably what I liked most about living in Montana when I was younger.. lying under the night sky and counting shooting stars.

+ I definitely still wish on shooting stars.

 Christina Arthur | Astoria + Portland, Oregon | 2020 | 

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